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Table 1. A brief review of early childhood education development in Hong Kong (1930s to 1970s)

From: Competing Forces: Government Policy, Teacher Education, and School Administration in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education

  Kindergarten Child Care Centre
Monitoring Education Department Social Welfare Department
Bodies (or Education & Manpower Bureau)  
Focus Education Care and education
  look after children aged 3–6 look after children aged 0–6
1930s–1940s Early form of kindergartens appeared in Hong Kong  
1950s In-service training With the influx of mainland Chinese immigrants, the first childcare centre was established in Hong Kong by YWCA in 1956.
  Kindergarten Advisory Inspectorate was established and provided 2-year Part-time In-service training for kindergarten teachers.
1960s   In-service training
   Social Welfare Department began Part-time In service training for childcare workers in 1960, and Full-time Pre-service training in 1968.
1970s Policy Policy
  Education Ordinance and Regulations was released in 1971. Child Care Centres Ordinance was released in 1975 requiring childcare workers to complete the relevant in-service training courses within first year of employment.
   In-service Training
   Hong Kong Polytechnics commenced 1 year full-time pre-service training in 1976.