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Table 3. A brief review of early childhood education development in Hong Kong (1990s)

From: Competing Forces: Government Policy, Teacher Education, and School Administration in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education

  Kindergarten Child Care Centre
1990s Qualification Requirement and Teacher training Training workshops
  Government (1994) required kindergartens to have at least 40% QKT by 1997. SWD introduced workshops on latest research and pedagogies to ECE teachers from late 1980s to 1990s (e.g., invited Profs. Thelma Harms, Lilian Katz to Hong Kong).
  A new 2-year Part-time Certificate of Education in ECE (CE) was offered to In-service teachers in 1995 and a new Full-time CE to Pre-service teachers in 1997.  
  Government (1997) required KG to have at least 50% QKT by 1999 and 60% by 2000.  
  All the Pre-service KG principals were required to complete CE by 2004.  
  Teacher Training
  Hong Kong Institute of Education amalgamated the various Colleges of Education to form a central institution, took over In-service training for kindergarten teachers from the College of Education. B.Ed. courses were established in 1997.