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Table 2 Processes and process types related to each verb subject

From: Infants and toddlers: how visible are they in the Early Years Learning Framework?

Subject of the verb and “doer” of the action Process in which subject is engaged Process type
Babies Are [vulnerable and competent] Relational
Participate [through smiling, crying, imitating, and making sounds] Behavioural
Show [interest in relating to or participating] Behavioural
Make [sounds] Behavioural
Play [with sounds] Behavioural
Relating [to others] Behavioural
Participating [with others] Behavioural
Toddlers Participate Behavioural
Connect [with other toddlers] Behavioural
Offering [their teddy] Material
Welcoming [a new child] Behavioural
Educators Interact [with babies and children to] Material/verbal
Build [attachment] Material
Promote [this learning] Material
Initiate [one-to-one interactions] Material
Provide [resources] Material
Support [their investigations] Material
Share [their enjoyment] Material
Engage in [enjoyable interactions Material
Research Has shown Material
Babies’ first attachments Provide Material
Resources Offer, support Material