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Table 5 Job challenges of specialists (N = 73)

From: Supporting family child care and quality improvement: findings from an exploratory survey of Illinois child care resource and referral agency staff

The following is somewhat or extremely challenging % (n)
Challenges related to providers’ care of children
 Providers who are defensive about learning new information or ways of helping children1 72 (52)
 Inappropriate practices w/children in provider homes 62 (45)
Challenges related to providers’ personal circumstances
 Provider cancellations and scheduling conflicts 47 (34)
 Providers who are only motivated by gifts/monetary gain 44 (32)
 Mental health or trauma issues of providers 34 (25)
 Establishing personal/professional boundaries w/providers 16 (12)
Dangerous homes and neighborhoods
 Dangerous or uncomfortable neighborhoods 47 (34)
 Dangerous or uncomfortable homes1 37 (27)
Your own organization and time management 37 (27)
Getting supervisors to understand the realities of my work with home-based child care providers 21 (15)
  1. 1Indicates number of missing responses