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Table 9 Home-based child care staff survey topics and sample questions

From: Supporting family child care and quality improvement: findings from an exploratory survey of Illinois child care resource and referral agency staff

Survey topics Sample questions
Types and frequency of support services offered to providers Please indicate which of the following services you offer family child care providers.
Visits to provider homes
Delivery of materials and equipment
Modeling caregiving practices
Talking with provider about children and families
Training workshops
Support groups
Topics covered with providers For each of the following topics please indicate if the topic has been the primary focus of a training you held, a topic covered but not the focus of training, or you have not covered this topic in training with home-based child care providers.
Infant-toddler care
Preschool-age care
School-age care
Working with mixed-ages children
Balancing your own family needs with your child care business
QRS standards
Working with parents and families
Working with special needs children
Accessing community resources
Business skills
Health and safety
Math and/or science
Experiences working with and developing relationships with providers Please think about the relationships you develop with home-based child care providers. For how many of the providers you work with would you say the following statements are true?
Providers count on me for support like a friend or family member
I have a close and trusting bond with providers
I have a teacher-student relationship with providers
There is not enough time to develop relationships with providers
View of home-based child care Please indicate whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the following statements:
 High-quality early care and education can take place in home-based child care settings
 Working with home-based child care providers is different from working with center-based teachers
 It takes time to help home-based child care providers change and improve their practices
 It is important to develop close relationships with providers to help them improve quality
Challenges of working with providers Please indicate how challenging the following are in your work with home-based child care providers:
 Organization and time management
 Provider cancellations and scheduling conflicts
 Working evening and weekends to accommodate provider schedules
 Dangerous or uncomfortable home environments
 Dangerous or uncomfortable neighborhoods
Inappropriate practices with children in provider homes
 Providers who are defensive about learning new information or ways of helping children
 Mental health or trauma issues of providers
 Providers who are only motivated by gifts or monetary gain
 Establishing personal/professional boundaries with providers
 Supervisors don’t understand the realities of my work with home-based child care providers
Staff support and supervision How much support or supervision do you receive at your job for your work with home-based child care providers?
Staff perception of training needs Please indicate whether or not you’re received enough training in this area, received some training but would like more, or not enough training in this area.
Adult learning theory
Communication and listening skills
Organization and case management
Understanding family child care
How to work with families and family support
Coaching and consultation models
Child development across the age span (0–8)
School-age development
Business development
Staff background including prior education, work experience, demographic characteristics What were your two most recent jobs?
Family child care provider
Child care center or preschool teacher
Child care center or preschool director
Agency specialist similar to my current job