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Table 5 Reasons for not intending to use ‘20 Hours ECE’

From: Policy translation for early childhood education and care: the Growing Up in New Zealand approach

Reason N (%)
Policy information reasons
Don’t know about scheme or have incorrect information 97 (2)
Too difficult to apply 17 (<1)
Family did not think that they would be entitled to the scheme because they earned too much <10 (<1)
Access reasons
Childcare arrangement does not qualify or has chosen not to be part of the scheme 63 (1)
‘20 Hours free’ scheme would work out more expensive than their current funding arrangement (e.g. through other government subsidy) 15 (<1)
Personal/family reasons
Time in childcare would not benefit child 53 (1)
Family living overseas 56 (1)
Not using childcare 69 (1)
Family can afford to pay the costs of childcare so felt that they should pay themselves <10 (<1)
Other, don’t know or preferred not to say <10 (<1)