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Table 6 Final structural equation model results

From: The effects of home and school on children’s happiness: a structural equation model

Code Variables Standardized estimate t-value
 Q9 In general, I consider myself happy 0.61 78.70
 Q10 My happiness relative to my peers 0.56 74.78
 Q17_1 Life is good at the moment 0.67 58.12
 Q11 Happiness and enjoying life 0.45 48.84
 Q17_19 I have lots of friends 0.70 59.93
School matters
 Q18_1 This is an excellent school 0.92 200.65
 Q18_2 I like my school 0.93 204.24
 Q18_3 Proud to belong to this school 0.92 196.33
 Q18_4 Locking forward to coming to school in the morning 0.81 129.70
 Q18_5 Students in this school are happy to be here 0.84 140.14
 Q18_6 I recommend this school to my friends 0.85 158.55
 Q18_7 Overall I am satisfied with this school 0.86 162.14
Home and Family
 Q13 How much fun with family 0.66 64.51
 Q14 How family members get along 0.64 65.98
 Q15 Parent’s time spent with you 0.49 46.85