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Table 3 Determinants of preschool choice of the parents: marginal effects of Probit regression

From: Public or private? Determinants of parents’ preschool choice in India

Probit estimation (base outcome: public preschool)Coefficient
Log (household income)0.335*** (0.030)
House type (ref: non-concrete)
 Concrete0.189*** (0.041)
 Semi-concrete0.117** (0.036)
Parents’ level of education (ref: up to primary)
 Secondary0.164*** (0.035)
 HS and above0.194*** (0.059)
Fathers’ occupation status (ref: regular job)
 Casual or no job− 0.071* (0.036)
Mothers’ occupation status (ref: regular job)
 Casual or no job0.015 (0.057)
Religious origin (ref. Hindu)
 Islam and others− 0.019 (0.064)
Caste origin—backward caste (ref: general caste)
 Backward castes (S.C., S.T., OBC)0.061* (0.031)
Sex of the child (ref. male child) 
 Female child0.066** (0.025)
General health status of the child (ref: below average)
 Average or good− 0.025 (0.070)
 Number of children− 0.041* (0.020)
Residing location (ref: rural)
 Urban− 0.018 (0.029)
Residing district (ref: Howrah)
 Murshidabad0.166* (0.074)
Reasons for choosing preschool (ref: non-educational)
 Educational0.174*** (0.045)
  1. Coefficients represent marginal effects
  2. Standard error in parenthesis. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001