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Table 2 Mathematical representation of the model

From: A multilevel analysis of factors affecting kindergartners’ creative dispositions in relations to child-level variables and teacher-level variables

Model Equation
Unconditional model Level 1 (child-level) Yij = β0j + rij
Level 2 (teacher-level) β0j = γ00 + u0j
Integrated model Yij = γ00 + u0j + rij
Conditional model Level 1 (child level) (Creative dispositions)ij = β0j + β1j*(Creativity scoreij) + β2j*(Creative classroom climateij) + rij
Level 2 (teacher-level) β0j = γ00 + γ01*(type of school) + γ02*(Teachers’ creative dispositionsj) + γ03*(Teachers’ perceptions of organizational creative climate) + u0j
β1j = γ10 + u1j
β2j = γ20 + u2j
Integrated model Creative Dispositionsij = γ00 + γ01*type of kindergartenj + γ02* Teachers’ creative dispositionsj + γ03*Teachers’ perceptions of organizational creative climatej + γ10*Creativity scoreij + γ20*Children’s perceptions of creative classroom climateij + u0j + u1j*Creativity scoreij + u2j*Chidren’s perceptions of creative classroom climateij + rij
  1. Yij: creative dispositions or creativity of the ith participants of the jth teacher; β0j: average creative dispositions or creativity of the jth teacher; rij: differences between individuals in creative disposition or creativity in the jth class; γ00: average creative dispositions or creativity of all participants; u0j: differences between teachers in children’s creative dispositions and creativity