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Table 4 Categories and subcategories of observation form

From: An investigation of early childhood education teachers’ attitudes, behaviors, and views regarding the rights of the child

Categories Subcategories
Category 1: Transparent and informative activities 1.1. Taking children’s views
1.2. Informing children about activities
1.3. Giving feedback during activities
1.4. Evaluation of activities
Category 2: Activities based on voluntary participation 2.1. Including all children
2.2. Respecting children’s decisions about participation
2.3. Offering different activities
Category 3: Child-friendly activities 3.1. Nondiscrimination
3.2. Caring for each child
3.3. Guiding each child
3.4. Answering all questions
3.5. Giving importance to children’s ideas
3.6. Incorporating children’s interests
3.7. Incorporating children’s needs
3.8. Supporting play
Category 4: Positive interactions with children 4.1. Being tender
4.2. Talking clearly
4.3. Conversations about other subjects
4.4. No judgement
4.5. No comparing
4.6. No threatening
Category 5: Supporting positive interactions between children 5.1. Preventing violence
5.2. Supporting sharing