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Table 5 Categories and subcategories of interview form

From: An investigation of early childhood education teachers’ attitudes, behaviors, and views regarding the rights of the child

Categories Subcategories
Category 1: Transparent and informative activities 1.1. Taking children’s views
1.2. Informing children about activities
1.3. Giving feedback during activities
1.4. Evaluation of activities
Category 2: Activities based on voluntary participation 2.1. Including all children
2.2. Respecting children’s decisions about participation
2.3. Offering different activities
Category 3: Child-friendly activities 3.1. Guiding each child
3.2. Supporting play
3.3. Having information about protecting children from violence, abuse, and neglect
Category 4: Supporting positive interactions between children 4.1. Preventing violence
4.2. Supporting sharing