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Table 2 Overview of Theme 1, example codes, and quotations

From: Operationalization of self-regulation in the early years: comparing policy with theoretical underpinnings

Theme Example codes Example quotations
1. The power of co-regulation Interact “Through their interactions with peers and adults in connection-building relationships in the classroom, however, children will begin—or will continue—to develop self-awareness and a stronger sense of self (p. 56).”
“With this support, and through connection-building interactions with educators, children develop meaningful relationships that help foster a positive sense of self and a sense of belonging and contributing (p. 47).”
Collaborat(e)(ing) “Kindergarten children are engaging in innovative thinking when they do any of the following: collaborate with peers to create and modify things, using their own ideas and building on the ideas of others (p. 89)”
“The examples in the previous section illustrate how educators, in their interactions with the children, constantly engage in a creative collaboration with them to co-construct thinking and learning (p. 24)”