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Table 1 Number of early childhood centers and estimated enrollment

From: Fostering equitable access to quality preschool education in India: challenges and opportunities

Types of centers Number of centers Percentage of enrollment (3–6 years) Type of service (monitoring body)
Anganwadi centers under the ICDS 1,363,000a 39c Preschool education component of ICDS
 Focus on play-based learning; mixed age grouping (Ministry of Women and Child Development)
LKG and UKG classes in government primary schools N.A N.A LKG/UKG/KG classes
 Academic focus; classes may be age-segregated (Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development)
Privately run preschools 10,237b 31c Nursery/LKG/UKG classes
 Academic focus; age-segregated classes (no monitoring body)
ECCE offered by NGOS N.A N.A (No monitoring body)
Not attending any preschool   27c  
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  4. cGovernment of India (2016)