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Table 1. Chapters and Contents of the New Guidelines

From: The Revision of Japan’s National Guidelines for Care and Education at Day Nursery and Its Problems

Chapter number Chapter title Chapter contents
Chapter I General Provisions objectives, day nurseries’ roles, principles of child care and education, social responsibility for child care and education
Chapter II Development of Children developmental characteristics of infancy and early childhood, developmental process by age
Chapter III Contents of Child Care and Education purposes and contents of child care, purposes and contents of education, special points to be considered in child care and education
Chapter IV Plans and Evaluations of Child Care and Education self-evaluation of the plans and contents of child care and education
Chapter V Health and Safety support for children’s health, environmental & hygiene management, promotion of food education, health & safety implementation system
Chapter VI Support for Parents and Guardians basic requirements/supports for the parents and guardians whose children are under the care of day nurseries, community support for childcare
Chapter VII Teachers’ Quality Improvement basic requirement/directors’ obligation, in-service training of teachers