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Table 3 Investment planned in some of the 3-year of Action Plan

From: Early Childhood Education Policy Development in China

Province Time Investment Plan
Guizhou 2011–2020 The government will provide 500 thousand RMB for the town or street communities which currently lack a public ECE program.
Hainan By 2013 The government has specified that local financial budget for early childhood education should reach 2% in 2013.
Shanxi 2011–2013 The government has planned to provide 200 million annually for early childhood education over the next 3 years, in supporting one year of free early childhood program and the establishment of new programs. In addition, the provincial government will provide cash rewards for local government, namely, 500 thousand RMB for the establishment of one new town central program, and 300 thousand for the renovation of one town central program.
Sichuan 2011–2013 The government will provide an estimated 2,400 million investment for early childhood education over the next 3 years.
Beijing 2011–2015 The government has planned to invest 5,000 million RMB to build or renovate 600 ECE centers over the next 5 years in order to increase the proportion of public programs to > 70%; the funding transferred to the program for each child will increase from 200 RMB to 1200 RMB annually.