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Table 2 Correlations between the two types of response-contingent interventions and the growth curve slopes for child learning and parent social-affective behavior

From: Effects of contrasting approaches to the response-contingent learning of young children with significant developmental delays on parents’ social-affective behavior

Study measures Study measures
Type of interventiona .28* .30* .03 .23
Parent-provided child learning measuresb     
 Number of learning opportunities (NLO) .58** .31* .34*
 Parenting efficiency (PRE)   .34* .49**
Proximal parent SA behavior (PAB)    .75**
Distal parent SA behavior (DAB)    
  1. SA social-affective parent behavior
  2. * p < .01. ** p < .0001
  3. aAsset-based intervention = 1, Needs-based intervention = 0
  4. bPer game